You Are Stronger Than You Think!

Everything in your life today is a direct result of your past thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations.  You attract into your life whatever you are consistently focused on, good or bad and by accepting conscious awareness of this fact, you can take charge of your thoughts and create the positive feelings and begin planning, creating and doing what you never thought you could do!

We first have to think it – to have it show up in our lives.  Knowing what you really want helps to first create it.  Planning out how you are going to create it, is the next step.  (writing a plan out, helps to keep it in our memory banks)    Then, take the time to become aware of any consistent thought patterns or belief systems you hold and any sabotaging behaviors that keep you from creating it.  If you say “I can” you are definitely more open and receptive to just doing it!  If you say “I can’t”, or don’t feel worthy of it, you create a negative feeling and you are likely to block yourself from achieving it!

Overcoming the mind obstacles; self doubt, excuses and fears, which are “success bombs”, that blow up your dreams!  You can overcome these obstacles and find the tools to help keep you on the path to creating your goals!  You are stronger than you think and when you start believing it, is when the magic happens!

I would love the opportunity to help you create your goals and dreams!

Vicki Harding C.Ht  ~ Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ~ Mind Coach ~ 480-510-0781